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‘SomeHand’ is a hand-drawn yet very legible typeface. A classic broad-nib contrast is applied with a brush style stroke. Beside some classic ligatures the letters are not connected since every character was drawn singlehandedly. The not very stringent metrics allow the glyphs to jump on the baseline giving the text a lively feel. Further character is given by some quirky and rough outlines. Despite its playful character the typeface has a nice and almost elegant impression and can be used for longer texts to give a hand-drawn appearance but keep everything perfectly legible.

Basic character set

Basic character set of Somehand.
Uppercase, lowercase and digits of Somehand.

OpenType features

Somehand comes with a few OpenType features like Ligatures, Old-style Numbers, Fractions, Contextual Alternates, Superior and Inferior Numbers but does NOT include any alternates. One version has to do the job.

Sample text

The vines are native to the eastern United States and are the source of many grape cultivars, including Catawba and Concord grapes, and many hybrid grape varieties such as Agawam, Alexander and Onaka. Among the characteristics of this vine species in contrast to the European wine grape Vitis vinifera are its “slip-skin” that allows the skin of the grape berries to easily slip off when squeezed, instead of crushing the pulp, and the presence of tendrils on every node of the cane. Another contrast with European vinifera is the characteristic “foxy” musk of V. labrusca, best known to most people through the Concord grape. This musk is not related to the fox animal, but rather the earthy, redolent aromas characteristics of the fox grapes that were known by early American settlers to the New World.

Font tester

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