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langustefonts – lettermaking


Langustefonts is the letter making enterprise of Johannes Lang. Based in Vienna, Austria most of the time I am offering services like type-design, lettering, code based outline transformations et cetera. I like to keep an eye on the history of lettershapes and typesetting and explore the boundaries of legibility through experiment based designs. Collaborations with Ellmer Stefan include the revivals Stencil-Gothic and Brevier Viennese and the research and design project I am teaching typography at the university of applied arts, Vienna and you can have a look at some of my graphic design work over at


I like to handle beziers with robofont. All gifs around here were built with drawbot – occasionally with the help of ffmpeg. This website was build with the static site generator pelican.


I sometimes post on the drawbot forum or on github. There you can find a set of script to generate silly gifs of variable fonts I also wrote about how to generate (svg) color fonts (by now probably outdated).


Nothing is ever new and there are lots of shoulders to stand on or to lean against. Thank you Anna, Anna, Elisabeth, Erik, Frank, Frederik, Günter, Gustavo, Just, Kathi, Marcel, Martin, Roland, Roman, Rosi, Stefan, Stephan, Tânia, Vedran, Wolfgang, Wolfram, & all the wonderful and helpful people I forgot the include for all your help, encouragement, sharing et cetera.